The Santa Clause (1994)

For their first Christmas film of the season the boys watched the heart filled family comedy where a divorced dad reconnects with his son and finds the true meaning of Christmas after killing the Santa Clause! Warning to the listeners at home, this episode goes off the rails real quick as the boys joke about Tim Allen coke deals, parenting lessons from Bill Cosby, Charlie’s pushable face, Ice Tea and Law and Order SUV..yes I meant SUV, Tim not being slim enough, the elf-leprechaun wars, and the boys count the amount of felonies committed by Tim Allen in this movie. 


Just a lot of horrific commentary regarding this movie followed up by casting what ifs, trivia, the HMP questions/ratings, and TV recommendation featuring a law and order SVU scene with Bill Burr… just a bunch of things to get offended about whether you’ve been good or bad this year! 


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