In week 2 of ladies month, Tim’s bride-to-be selected the 1965 classic The Sound of Music and immediately regretted her decision as the boys went off ...View Details

Pretty Woman (1990)

This month, the boys are letting the ladies pick their movies, and first up is the fairy tale love story - produced by Disney - where a wholesome, cha...View Details

Point Break (1991) 

The boys wrap up their January mini series “It’s new to me!” Where each cohost selected a movie they had never seen but always wanted to watch, with t...View Details

Mortal Kombat (1995)

The boys are back and they are talking about a movie that isn’t as good as they remembered…or hoped with the 1995 video game action adaptation Mortal ...View Details

Mouth Breathers: Selfies

On a very special mini episode the boys try out a new pilot spinoff titled Mouth Breathers! First up, people who take selfies at inappropriate places....View Details

Bloodsport (1988)

It’s 2020 and the boys are starting a new mini series titled “It’s new to me!” Where each week one of the guys selects a movie they have never seen bu...View Details

For the last episode of the decade the boys each select the top movie they are looking forward to seeing in 2020.  Spoiler alert: The movies mentioned...View Details

On our final Christmas episode the boys discuss Adam Sandler winning an Oscar, the unrealistic take on New York City where not a single hooker muged K...View Details

Jack Frost (1979)

We have quite the stinker for you all as the boys watched one of the worse Christmas specials ever made: the 1979 claymation Jack Frost! Tim uses this...View Details

The Santa Clause (1994)

For their first Christmas film of the season the boys watched the heart filled family comedy where a divorced dad reconnects with his son and finds th...View Details

Deep Blue Sea (1999)

To conclude our movies to be thankful for, John selected the slasher horror film where the stalker killers are sharks in Deep Blue Sea!    Besides the...View Details

Rio Grande (1950)

With this being November we are picking movies that we are thankful for, and for some reason the movie that Tim picked was the John Wayne classic? Is ...View Details

This is a remastered version of when Max appeared on the Average Joe Comic Show originally aired on October 30th.    Batman: The Long Halloween set in...View Details

BJ and Ben from the Average Joe Comic Show join Max, John, and Bill to discuss their top 3 favorite comic book movies of all time.    Fun times and lo...View Details

Jake Young, from the massively popular nerd and pop culture podcast Wizard and the Bruiser, joins Max, John, and Tim (kinda) to discuss the cocaine fu...View Details

To conclude our Halloween month the gang watched the father of modern horror comedies,  An American Werewolf London!   Besides the plot line topic dis...View Details

Its bonus episode time and the boys watched Michael Jackson’s innovative music video Thriller!    Tim viewed this entire music video as a foreshadowin...View Details

Halloween month is rolling along and the boys took a first classic ticket to Nostalglaland as they discuss one of the best Simpsons Halloween specials...View Details

Sleep Away Camp (1983) 

For our 50th movie episode the boys watched the Jeffrey Epstein/ Harvey Weinstein horror cult classic Sleepy Away Camp! Where all the adults are pedep...View Details

Mini Review: Joker (2019)

Max saw the new movie Joker and he has a few spoil free things to say about it. Then he ranks the best joker film performance, and gives Joker a movie...View Details

For the first movie of Halloween month the boys watched Cabin in the Woods- the slasher movie with a TWIST!  Max covers every monster and prop, John c...View Details

It’s Halloween time and in our first crossover event Max and John sit down with the Cinemondo Podcast to discuss the scariest movies they have ever se...View Details

Rudy (1993)

The boys tear apart the 1st world/ white privilege story of Rudy, where none of the facts are real and everyone is angry.    Tim freaks out at Rudy le...View Details

Hold My Popcorn Trailer

Hold My Popcorn is a podcast and is BANANAS! EXPLOSIONS! BBBRRAAMMMAAHHHMMM! 

The boys mercifully wrap up the conclusion of Any Given Sunday which goes off the rails pretty quickly as they discuss this NFL Blitz like game accomp...View Details

Its football time and in part one of two the popcorn bros picked the drug snorting, steroid pumping Oliver Stone film Any Given Sunday, where the view...View Details

Movie Monsters

Halloween is coming early! On this mini episode most of crew had things to do like hang out with their families over the long weekend, so instead you ...View Details

Men in Black (1997)

For the last episode of our summer blockbuster season the boys watched the 1997 alien action comedy classic Men in Black! Now with 10% new audio!  Tim...View Details

This week the boys wrap up their extra big Inglourious Basterds special!   Chapter 4- Juice boxes in a globe, Mike Myers being the most awkward Brit e...View Details

In Part I of this II part episode, the boys cover chapters 1-3 of Quinton Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds!   Chapter 1- The boy’s initial thoughts wh...View Details

Popular Movies We Hate

Whooo Nelly! The boys are talking about popular movies they HATE!   Tim’s audio doesn’t fully kick in till the 10 min mark, but prior to that, the gan...View Details

Uh huh this mini episode Derek and Max break down banana-land music video and song "Come with me" by Puff Daddy and Jimmy Page off the God...View Details

Godzilla (1998)

The boys are back for their first movie in a month and ohh boy are they rusty! They also hated Roland Emmerich’s 1998 Godzilla so listen to it.     Fo...View Details

Top 3 Movie Villains

The boys are back after a little summer break, and they are talking bad guys! Few things discussed include Alan Rickman’s forehead, Will Smith’s annoy...View Details

Blockbuster Vixens

Happy 4th of July! On this mini episode the boys cover their top 3 Blockbuster Vixens. Will they select their ladies based off of box office numbers, ...View Details

Anaconda (1997)

Last full episode for a few weeks and boy oh boy it’s quite the doozy as the boys watched the 1997 snake hit Anaconda!    Why does J-Low look like a c...View Details

The Mummy (1999)

On this weeks summer blockbuster episode the gang watch the Indiana Jones rip off, The Mummy! Why did they make a curse that would allow the mummy to ...View Details

Jaws (1975)

The boys watched the father of the modern blockbuster, Jaws!  Besides the plot and trivia facts, the boys discuss old men behavior in gym locker rooms...View Details

Top Gun (1986)

The shows a bit late to wrap up Musical May…or maybe its just super early for next year? No its late, and the boys also couldn’t stomach another music...View Details

Disney Soundtracks

For this months mini episode the boys made their top 3 Disney soundtracks of all time. Want to know how long it takes for them to make it extremely un...View Details

The boys are rolling along in Musical May, and they watched The Rocky Horror Picture Show!   Surprisingly there isn’t as much vulgar and Alabama-like ...View Details

Grease (1978)

The boys watched Grease and hated it. Be prepared for a lot of Law and Order SVU comments.       For more on artwork like ours, please visit https://w...View Details

It’s a new month, and a new movie theme, as the boys dive into Musical May with the 1952 Gene Kelly classic, Singing in the Rain!    Whoohh Nelly do w...View Details

The Sandlot (1993)

Superfan Bill is back and fitting right in with the team because he didn’t use headphones while recording! With that said the boys wrapped up their ba...View Details

Steroids and Baseball

In this "mini episode" the boys cover their hand picked all-time baseball steroid teams. There's plenty to be offended about on this one, so if you ar...View Details

Bull Durham (1988)

For game 2 of our baseball movie month the boys went back to the minors and watched the 1988 baseball classic Bull Durham.  Few things covered include...View Details

The popcorn gang watched the totally realistic baseball film Rookie of the Year to kickstart their month of baseball movies.    The boys are playing h...View Details

Mandy (2018)

We wrap up our Nicolas Cage March Madness Movie Month with the 2018 VOD horror black comedy Mandy. This is by far the most disturbing film the crew ha...View Details

Max, Preble, and #HoldMyPopcorn super fan John Antoshak discuss the unwise spending habits that led to Nic Cage’s downfall (aka tax evasion).   We’re ...View Details

Con Air (1997)

For week three of Nic Cage March Madness, the gang is flying first class in the action packed aviation extravaganza: Con Air with super fan Digger Bil...View Details

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