Jake Young, from the massively popular nerd and pop culture podcast Wizard and the Bruiser, joins Max, John, and Tim (kinda) to discuss the cocaine fueled/five-star rampage mode/social-political satire 80's sci-fi classic: RoboCop! 


In an episode almost as long as the movie, Tim watches the film in real time while the rest of the boys discuss: Jesus parallels that director Paul Verhoeven initially put into the movie, Red from that 70’s show being a drug snorting cop killing psycho, ED-209 McDonalds kiosks, licenses to shoot drones out of the sky, manhoods getting shot off, Arnold Schwarzenegger starring as Jesus in Passion of the Christ, and China being the greatest country - ever.


Also, fun trivia facts are sprinkled throughout the show. Then the boys wrap up the show with their favorite and least-favorite character, personal HMP ratings, and TV binge recommendations. 


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