Tims reckoning is here as the boys begin their Lethal Weapon month! 


The bad boys break down the entire plot and discuss things like: Jenny from Forest Gump stealing the opening jumper scene, 3 straight intros of characters who are naked, all the buddy cop tropes that were created in this movie, crazy amounts of eggnog at a funeral, Gary Busey going absolutely nuts half way through this and shooting people out helicopters and moving cars, LA traffic and the amount of people who should have died during the Mr Joshua-Riggs shootout, and who would win in a real fight, Gary Busey or Mel Gibson?


Also, the boys create 2 new horrific urban dictionary terms, Johns beliefs on anti-Semitism aging you 1.5 times faster….and why do movies always have a hard drinking junk food eating leading man who then has a 6 pack and looks like Mel Gibson? 


All of this and  Halloween 3 Dr Dan references, lots of screaming and sax music on an explosive new Lethal Weapon! ….I mean Hold My Popcorn




**For Nashville Tornado Relief here are 3 organizations that are local**


Gideon's Army: https://donorbox.org/gideonsarmy  


Hands On Nashville & The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee: https://www.hon.org  / www.CFMT.org  


PENCIL (Supporting Metro Nashville Public Schools destroyed): https://www.classy.org/give/185614/#!/donation/checkout? 

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