Jack Frost (1979)

We have quite the stinker for you all as the boys watched one of the worse Christmas specials ever made: the 1979 claymation Jack Frost!

Tim uses this film as an analogy for the Trump administration’s dominance over liberal America in order to protect himself from movie picking jail. The boys talk about Father Winter being a total hypocrite, groundhogs being very accurate meteorologists, and allegories also being metaphors? 

If that doesn’t get you in the Christmas spirit then just give it 30 minutes because that’s when the show completely goes off the rails; they discuss Joe Pa, Jerry Sandusky, Mike Pence being a Sith Lord while making sweet man love to Rudy Giuliani like in a Black Mirror episode, and lots of other horrific stuff! It’s everything you ever wanted in a Christmas episode, so make sure the kids aren’t listening, and while you’re at it, make sure no one around you is either! 

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