In Part I of this II part episode, the boys cover chapters 1-3 of Quinton Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds!


Chapter 1- The boy’s initial thoughts whilst watching the opening scene for the first time; reflections on how it gets better every time you see it, milk talk, eye protection for Nazis, what if Mel Gibson was cast as Landa, and wouldn’t you freak out more if a squirrel was in your house rather than a rat?


Chapter 2- Is this one of Brad Pitt’s best or worst performances, the similarities between Landa and Aldo, the amazing casting of a weasel greasy haired looking Hitler, mastering the Boston accent by using the F-word, and John explains what Brad Pitt was snorting.


Chapter 3- Was Private Zoller a good or bad person at heart, and did Landa know who Shosanna was?



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