In week 2 of ladies month, Tim’s bride-to-be selected the 1965 classic The Sound of Music and immediately regretted her decision as the boys went off the rails immediately.


Tim rants about the departure of Mookie Betts and the movie Mandy before the boys get into some fun, drunken, and horny facts about Christopher Plummer - aka Captain Von Trapp  - and the actual plot of the movie (5:23 mark) 


Topics include: Maria getting the nunnery and a sorority mixed up, the real reason for having a hall full of mirrors, Christophers Plummer’s weird chin, Hitler watching this movie in a war crime rec room, the lyrics of 16 going on 17, the weird cheese and tomato picnic, the shock of Von Trapp not hitting Maria during their blow out argument, and explosions! 


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