For the final movie of “Ladies Pick Em’ Month” Johns wife selected the indie soundtrack featuring a Zack Braff movie: Garden State….and the boys surprising enjoyed it!


That said, there’s still plenty to laugh about as they discuss how important the music was to the vibes of the movie, Andrew possibly being a serial killer in LA, Natalie Portman saying the R word like 20 times and possibly being bipolar, Mike Bloomberg NDA’s, a very special jeopardy sponsor tie in, and this movie being real low stakes. 


Also, did true detective base Rust Cole’s apartment after Andrews? Why did Natalie Portman character have epilepsy if it never comes back in the plot? Shouldn’t she have had an attack at a pivotal moment of the movie? How can a rich kid who went to a boarding school not know how to swim? 


All of this and more! 


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