Former hosts Bill and Mike join the show (since they have nothing else to do) as the boys each share their movie recommendation while you’re stuck in self quarantine. Each suggestions is from a different genre: 


  • Tim- Free Solo (2019)- aka a story about Aspergers? 
  • Bill- Police academy (1984)- aka before Kim Cattrall was a disgusting bag of flesh
  • Max- Taking of Pelham One Two Three (1974) Where the boys talk about Wild Hogs
  • John- Event Horizon (1997)- Google Sam Neil’s face in this movie
  • Mike- Hook (1991) a movie where Robin Williams’s body hair is completely shaved


Additional tv recommendations: The Pope season 2, Avenue 5, Narcos Mexico, Ugly Delicious, and of course….Law and Order SVU


Also Johns shares his quarantine dinner recipe.


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